field trips

by shy kids

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released August 1, 2012

all music & lyrics by shy kids



all rights reserved


shy kids Toronto, Ontario

just kids jammin

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Track Name: Raise 'em Right
anyone can have kids, even if you're stupid.
ask your parents, they did.
can't be that hard!
names are sticky things - find one that really sings.
please, oh please, be good!
if they're mine, they should do as i say.
do as i say, not as i do.
now they're teens and sayin':
"where's our kurt cobain?" "who do we pray to?"
can only try to raise 'em right.

playtime and pretend, imaginary friends.
and i think we can raise 'em right.
books read before bed, can't get them out my head.
and i think we can raise 'em right.
first dates and heartbreaks, and homemade birthday cakes.
and i think we can raise 'em right.
one day, i swear it, you could be a parent.
and when that day comes, then we'll know if we raised you right.
Track Name: In the Puddin'
mellow marsh, or in bed - at my side, lying bare.
stress dissolves to gelatin.
sleeping in sinking sand - paradise in blankets.
eden in a pillow case.

fingers trace your nipples and the freckles on my back.
a twinkle when you giggle, blinking to take photographs.
you humbly embody body that is humbling.
i-love-you's softly said, speak volumes by just whispering.
time's an etch-a-sketch that slowly shakes your memory.
the moments it erases, please don't take this one from me.

we've fallen deep in the pudding,
lazy rivers, happily drown.
and in the moments, life hides its beauty,
in the moments, love can be found.
let's go out, watch shitty movies
or pick up knick-knacks in chinatown.
in the moments, life hides its beauty,
in the moments, love can be found.
Track Name: Teachers
my backpack makes me feel so lucky.
i've got pockets full of optimism, and a mind made of putty.
they starve minds that are hungry.
"why should we concentrate when we just regurgitate what you think?"

and how can we train for a job that don't exist?
we'll be secretaries' secretaries, or freelance journalists.

they drug you if you disagree.
ask one too many questions, they'll give you add.
sit down. jot down some notes.
"no, we don't encourage genius. just recite their quotes."

if all else fails, seated in the bleachers.
if all you do is fail, could become a teacher.